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Untamed nature starting from the doorstep of your room.



The hotel Tronador has a main building Casa Bonete, where most of the common areas are. And and two other buildings with rooms and a living room. Casa Pionera is the oldest of the current buildings and it is located 13 meters from the main building. And Bungalow de la Matera is a small house with a living/lounge area that gives access to the rooms.

At Hotel Tronador we also have a beach bar, play room, video room, covered barbecue area, pier with docking facilities, boating ramp, beach and extensive gardens.

Common places

There are two big living rooms, one in each building, and many other cozy corners to relax and enjoy the beautiful views, read a book or chat with friends. If the day is cold we light the fireplaces and stoves, so you can enjoy of a nice ambient to warm up after your daily adventure.


All our rooms are nicely, cozy decorated with wood and warm colours. The rooms have big wide windows so you may enjoy panoramic views to the Mascardi lake and the surrounding mountains.
We have some rooms with balcony which are bigger rooms. The balcony is nicely made in wood and has amazing panoramic view where you may comfortably sunbathe or just enjoy peacefully gazing the mountains and lake. Also we have family rooms like apartment with two double bedrooms and one bathroom and an inner hall connecting both rooms.
All our bedrooms have central heating, phone with IDD/NDD, private bathroom with bath tub and WC. The bathrooms are very large, comfortable and well lighted.

Untamed nature starting from the doorstep of your room.



Our menu consists mainly in homemade meals and patisseries which includes home grown vegetables and fruits from our ecological, organic garden.

Open restaurant

Three-step menu or à la carte

Our restaurant is open for visitors!

Make a table reservation in advance to taste our fixed three-step menu or to enjoy our seasonal dishes à la carte.

Our kitchen is open from 12:30 to 13:30 hours.

For bookings plase call us to +54 294 4490550 or +54 294 4490556

Untamed nature starting from the doorstep of your room.



In Hotel Tronador from San Carlos de Bariloche the main entertainment are the outdoor sports and activities that you can enjoy right from the Hotel. Nevertheless we have also entertainment activities at the hotel such as play room (with table tennis, pool and billiard table), reading room, video room, barbecue room, solariumm beach bar and beach access.

Untamed nature starting from the doorstep of your room.


Garden & Orchard

Hotel Tronador has its own organic kitchen garden growing fine fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, cherries and gooseberries; also some vegetables and aromatic herbs. This are all ecologically grown products which we use at the Hotel's kitchen for preparing a wide variety of dishes served in the restaurant and tea saloon.

Untamed nature starting from the doorstep of your room.



We have the best location, facilities and know-how to make your event unforgettable.


Corporate events or special events can be organized upon request

• Two salons for 60 people.
• Barbecue room for 60 people.
• Meeting room with a screen and a projector. Up to 30 people.
• Solarium and recreational area for children.
Contact us for a quote.

Untamed nature starting from the doorstep of your room.



Family business since 1929


Horseback Riding

In the beggining of the hotel when it still worked as an estancia, the first tourist groups came to the area lured by the amazing landscape and untainted nature wanting to explore it the way the first settlers unveiled it. These were the first horse riding tours in the surroundings of Mount Tronador, using old cattle trails and opening new to reach different panoramic view points, summits and lagoons. Nowadays we continue ours ancestors traditions guiding horseback riding tours through this trails

Three Lagoons

Two hours

It is a easy level circuit-like route along both margins of Upper Río Manso. The path crosses grassland clearings and ñire (high birtch) groves near two lagoons that make the home of countless birds. In December and January, horseriding take place among large extensions of lupin in full bloom.
A longer option of this same guided horseback riding tour is to ride through the valley uphill arriving to the Cretón outpost, where we have our milking facilities. This is a beautiful spot to take a break and have a snack

Los Pozones

One hour

We call "Pozones" (pools) the spots in the stream where rock gorges form quiet places and small rapids, surrounded by coihue trees (evergreen birtches) and caña colihue. The route may be traveled as a circuiiting on the lakeshore and returning on the Laguna Callvú (also Laguna Azul- Blue Lagoon) trail..

Castillo Rojo Lookout

Three hours

Heading to the "Pozones" and continuing towards Arroyo Casalata, the path joins the trail starting at the lake and leading to Castillo Rojo (Redcastle) The trail raises through a thick forest featuring stretches of steep incline. Being close to and above the lake, this is the lookout in the area offering the best view.

Los Cesares Lagoon

Three hours.

This is another good option for those looking for pleasant horseriding and wanting to see this lagoon other than by foot.

Pampa Linda

Three hours

The trail goes along the Upper Río Manso and among meadows, ñire groves and thick forest of caña colihue, as you approach your destination, Pampa Linda, you will enjoy the view of the imposing mount Tronador.

Family business since 1929


Fly Fishing

Fishing Season: Starts at 1st of November and ends the 1st of May.

The great success that followed the seeding of salmons and trouts at the early 20th century in Patagonian lakes attract many fishing enthusiast to the region. Many people start fly fishing lured by the great quantity of trouts. So the great majority of our guest are fishers. At Hotel Tronador we offer fly casting classes, fly tying classes and the following fishing excursions.

Equipo recomendado.pdf

Lake Mascardi

Half-day or shorter fishing trips

The lake is in front of the hotel, usually when the fish are biting, early morning or in the late afternoon, is when professional guides take you out fishing on motorboats. These short trips are charged by the hour and fishing gear may be provided as needed.
This lake presents the U shape with two quite definite branches. One it called branch Catedral and the other Tronador. It has a single island of importance called Piuque Huapi (Heart Island) The Hotel Tronador is located at the same name branch. Flow toward this branch, the Upper Manso river and the Claro streams and Casalata, the ones that drain in front of the Hotel. This area has beaches and shoals with adequate reeds beds for fly fishing. Toward the sector of the Heart Island the coasts are more abrupt. The lake Mascardi is suitable for the three modalities of fishing. Spinning, trolling and fly casting.

Los Césares Lagoon

Full day excursion

The lagoon is located at 1200 m. above sea level, and can be reached only by trail. Here one of its charms resides since is little visited. It surrounded by forests of lenga and ñires, with deep little edges with abundant aquatic vegetation. There is abundant brook trout population. Three alternatives are offered to get to the lagoon, to walked uphill and to fish from the coast (approximately 6 Km), To Rent the horses for the ascent only (that is it more advisable) or to take the complete excursion, ascent and return with horse and embarked fishing with guide.

Lake Fonk

Full day excursion

Is formed by two lakes called Fonck Small and Fonck Large, communicated by a short channel. The access is for a 2WD vehicles (4WD vehicle at the beginning of season)

As these lakes are glacial origin glacier there is almost no beaches, so is mainly for embarked fishing. It is very productive with an abundant rainbow trout population and brook trout and in smaller quantities brown trout. This sector receives abundant rains, as consequence the two lakes are found surrounded in its totality by an exuberant Andean forest. This excursion offers optimal conditions for the fly fishing, as well as to combine fishing and walking.

Lake Hess

Full day, Distant 30 Km

Ideal for fly fishing. It drains in this lake the Quieto or Fonck stream and the Middle Manso river. Its edges are found populated of abundant reeds, this does that you have to fish embarked or with belly boat.

Family business since 1929



There are many and varied trails and excursions starting right from the Hotel, and if you are an avid hiker we are only 17 kilometres away from Pampa Linda and the base of Mount Tronador, where you can find even more trails and climbing spots.

Laguna Callvu

Full day excursion

Also known as Blue Lagoon it is located between Cerro Bonete and Cerro Punta Negra mountain tops, this 100-meter deep circular-shape lagoon resembles the mouth of a volcano. Extremely deep for its size, it is precisely the depth what gives its crystal clear waters an intense blue color. The adventure trip combines in a multisport tour with a 2-hour horseback ride plus 1 ½ hour of rock climbing, including a picnic on the shore of the lagoon. Being physically fit is a requirement and only children over 10 years with good horse riding ability are allowed to take this multisport trip.

Cerro Diego Flores de León

Half day excursion

This trekking route climbs some 800 meters. No technical difficulty will be encountered but physical condition should be good. There are two options: climbing up to the summit, which is recommended as a full-day excursion, or trekking to the lookout point on the way to the top from where scenic views are superb!

Castillo Rojo

2 hours walk

(Red Castle viewpoint) this is a unique rock formation with an easily distinguishable red hue, due to the very high iron content in the rock. From this point there is a spectacular view of the Western branch of Mascardi lake and the Vuriloche Valley. From a distance this rock looks like a castle, as the name suggests..

Los Pozones

Short walk

(Claro stream Water Holes), these are found along a section of the Claro stream, made up of a serie of rapids and pools. The waters are crystal clear and the setting within a southern beech forest with Colihue cane (autochthonous bamboo like trees) undergrowth is beautiful. You can reach there in two ways; either walking via the Hanging Bridge (approx. one and a half hour) or by crossing the lake by boat first and then walking the last part (a walk of approx. half an hour) .

Refugio Otto Meiling

All day excursion

This mountain hut belongs to Club Andino Bariloche and it is located on mount Tronador at 2000 m.a.s.l., Between the Castaño Overa and Alerce glaciers. It has 60 beds, dinning room, kitchen, bathrooms (restrooms) food service and drugstore. From here you may enjoy an amazing view of the Tronador summit and the surrounding glaciers.
There are two options either go by horse plus trekking in the last rocky section or hike all the trail up to the mountain hut.

Paso de las Nubes

One or two days excursion

The "path of the clouds" it is a trail from Pampa Linda to Lago Frias. It usually takes two days to complete the journey, spending one night in the mountain hut called Las Nubes.

Las Nubes mountain hut was built in 2011 and it is the most modern mountain hut in Argentina. Hiking from Pampa Linda takes from two to four hours walk according to the hiker's fitness. paso de las Nubes mountain hut offer one of the most beautiful views: on the west side the snow capped mount Tronador, Cerro Constitución on the East side, Frías valley to the North and Alerce valley to the South.

Refugio Viejo

Two days excursion

It belongs to Club Andino Bariloche and it was built in 1938. At that time it was frequently visited by mountaineers and climbers that attempted the Tronador summit. It is located at 2870 m. above sea level at the ridge between Manso and Rio Blanco Grande glacier. Nowadays it is almost abandoned with almost no facilities, just like a bivouac. This is a long trekking you have to walk 24 km climb up 1300 m trails. It is advisable to combine it with horseback riding.

Family business since 1929



White water rafting is one of the most complete excursions that you can experience, discover the amazing landscapes and wildlife from an unique perspective, taste the adrenaline and enjoy with your friends or family.

Upper Rio Manso

Half day excursion

It is a smooth rafting excursion, fit for all and ideal for beginners in raft and paddle techniques. Upper Rio Manso stream stems from Tronador glaciers and melt, waters are cloudy, heavily loaded with mineral sediment. The trip starts about 7 km away from the Hotel, on the road to Cerro Tronador, where the river comes close to the road. Let the stream take you through still waters and some small rapids, just a slow paddle is needed and then is all you have to do to stir the boat. The rest is enjoying the landscape, the silence, and the stories from the guide.

Lower Rio Manso

Whole day trip

This river drains all lakes on this part of the Park. It flows into the Pacific Ocean carrying a large volume of water, which translates into a more exciting rafting. Lago Steffen lies 57 km south of Hotel Tronador. The raft sets out at the point where the river flows from the lake. The boat travels some 12 kilometers and a picnic lunch is carried on board. Clear water with an emerald hue and exciting white waters will make it a great day. A lunch break on a riverside beach halfway of the trip and (weather permitting) a quick swim in the river will make it unforgettable.

Tramo Frontera

All day

This section of the river is a class III / IV rapids (in a scale I to VI), so it is a real white water rafting. To take part in this adventure it is mandatory to swim, have fare physical training and you have to be older than 14 years old. To do this excursion from Hotel Tronador you should book with a local company which offers this excursion from downtown Bariloche, joining the group at Villa Mascardi (35 km away from Bariloche on road to Lower Manso river section).

Family business since 1929


Rural Tourism

You can visit an old cattleman outpost called Puesto Cretón; located at the Vuriloches Valley 7 kilometers from Hotel Tronador, heading toward Pampa Linda. This outpost is surrounded by untamed wildlife in an unbeatable location which can be reached horseback riding.

Ranch day

The program proposes a perfect balance between activity and rest.

Horseback ride all the way up to Puesto Creton outpost, enjoy a traditional lamb asado (barbecue) and then go back to the hotel by horse or take a raft down the Manso Superior river.

Other dishes are prepared over the fire, such as "pollo al disco" (chicken and various vegetables cooked as a stew in an uncovered deep pan over an open fire) and empanadas.

Family business since 1929


Our Story

About us


Hotel Tronador is located at the northwest of Patagonia, in Nahuel Huapí national park, in Argentina. It is located by the Mascardi lake shore, at the foot of the cordillera just by mount Tronador of 3454 m.a.s.l, the highest mountain of northern Patagonia.

The airport and nearest city is San Carlos de Bariloche which is 60 km away from the Hotel, 77 km from airport

Enjoy the beauty of the Andes


Enjoy the beauty of the Andes


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